An Aerial Sunset Over Lake Clear in the Adirondacks, NY

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If you haven't already, please check out our Stay Experiences, one of which will be added to your booking. As one of the last original Great Camps still open to the public, we offer much more than just lodging! Added experiences change by season, so you can visit the link above to learn more.

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An Aerial Sunset Over Lake Clear in the Adirondacks, NY

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You can use the form below to purchase a gift certificate from the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat!

Suggested Amounts

If you having a specific experience in mind for your recipient, check out the list below for what a given amount will cover. You can purchase a gift certificate in $100 increments starting at $100 below.

Please Note: the below example uses are not guaranteed as prices, taxes, and fees are subject to change, but it should get your recipient in the ballpark. If you wish to pay for an experience with specific dates, contact us and we'll be happy to help with the exact amount.

  • You may review our gift certificate usage policies on this page.

$100 Gift Certificate

  • 2x Classic Adirondack Alps Dinner

  • Credit for a Guest With a Lodging Stay

  • 1x Cooking Class with Chef Cathy

$200 Gift Certificate

  • 2x Classic Adirondack Alps Dinner for + Extras

  • 2x History of Adirondack Food Tasting

  • 2x Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner Experience

$500 Gift Certificate

  • 6x Classic Adirondack Alps Dinner + Extras

  • 4x Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner Experience + Extras

  • Private Sleigh Ride for Two + Speakeasy Dinner

$1,000 Gift Certificate

  • 2 Night Stay + Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner for Two

  • 2 Night Stay + Stagecoach Ride & Pioneer Dinner for Two

  • 2 Night Stay + History of Beer Workshop + Adirondack Alps Dinner for Two

Stay & Save!

Extend your stay and save up to $490! Save an additional $10/night on your lodging for every night you stay, starting at three nights.

  • 3 Nights: $30/night discount ($90 savings)
  • 4 Nights: $40/night discount ($160 savings)
  • 5 Nights: $50/night discount ($250 savings)
  • 6 Nights: $60/night discount ($360 savings)
  • 7 Nights: $70/night discount ($490 savings)
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